Daal Pora (Burnt lentil balls)

The authentic sizzling Bong taste that can only come from mustard oil. I personally dont like the taste of mustard oil, but for this recipe, I made an exception

Left over daal
Mustard oil

1. Take a thick bottomed wok and pour the daal into it.
2. Put wok on fire.
3. Let it simmer till all the water evaporates and the daal is just one step short of drying and cracking up.
4. The bottom surface of the daal should have burnt to brown.
5. Take wok off fire, scrape of burnt daal and scramble it around.
6. Allow daal to cool.
7. Sprinkle a few drops of mustard oil on the scrambled burnt daal.
8. Make as many balls of daal as there are places at the table.
9. Slit some long green chillies and plant one into each of the balls.
10. Serve burnt daal balls hot or cold with plain white rice.


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