Instant Rasam

This is a fantastic way to make rasam. Infact, it tastes more like soup! Ingredients Juice of lime Cooked dal  Coriander leaves Green chillies  Pepper corns  Cumin Ghee Method  1. In a vessel, add oil. When the oil splutters, add green chillies. 2. Now add the cooked dal and dilute it with water (according to consistency).  3. Allow the dal to boil well, until you lose the raw smell of the dal.  4. You can switch of the gas now.  5. Grind cumin seeds and pepper corns with salt.  6. Fry this mixture in ghee and pour over the dal.  7. Squeeze lemon juice and stir. Garnish with coriander leaves.


edina monsoon said…
I love rassam. Oh boy....this has spurred me on to dabble in the kitchen once again
aquamarine said…
Hey dats great!
Cooking is great fun, and coming up with easy recipes dat taste fabulous is even better:))

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