Bengali Pulav

This is a different kind of pulav, easy to make and barely uses any hard core spices. Mildly tempered, makes for an interesting rice variety.

Fine grained rice: 2cups
Tej patta (Bay Leaf)
Peas: 1/2 cup
Raisins (kishmish)
Garam Masala (whole)
Ghee: 1tbs
Warm water: 3cups
Salt and Sugar: to taste


1. In a pressure cooker (or a deep bottomed pan), add some ghee.
2. When the ghee is hot, fry the cashews and remove.
3. Add garam masala and tej patta.
4. Add the rice and mix well.
5. Now add the rest of the ingredients such as peas, salt, sugar,raisins and cashews.
6. Pour the warm water to the rice mixture. Make sure that the water stays an inch above the rice.

The pulav is ready to be served after one whistle.


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