Rainbow Bread

The "Rainbow sandwich" gets its name from the colourful chutneys that have been used as a spread. You may use any chutney that suits your taste, as long as it makes for a yummy bite.
Bread slices
Pudina chutney
Tomato chutney
Cucumber slices
Salt and pepper

1. Take the bread slices and trim the ends.
2. First slice: For the first layer, spread butter. Place the cucumbers on top and sprinkle
    with salt and pepper.
3. Take the second slice. For the second layer, spread the mint chutney.
4. Take the third bread slice. Spread the tomato chutney.
5. Hold the sandwich with a toothpick.


Tina said…
hi! i have been reading blogs randomly (out of boredom) and I came across yours. Very interesting. I love to cook and your recipies are great! thanks for sharing. xtinem.blogspot.com
aquamarine said…
Thanks Tina. Why don't you try out a couple of recipes and let me know how it went?
It will be great to hear from you again.
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