Stuffed Papadams

This is a nice twist from Mru. I tried it while ago. Needless to say, it goes terribly well with soup or a cup of masala tea. However, this snack has to be consumed immediately.

Big pappads (Ambika Applams)
Any left-over veggies
Jeera and mustard seeds
Chopped corainder
Oil for frying

1. Mash the vegetables well.
2. In a pan, heat oil. Splutter with jeera and mustard.
3. Pour over the veggies.
4. Add the chopped coriander.
5. Mix well.
6. Take a big pappad and sprinkle water on it.
7. Gently wipe it and soften the pappad (Don't make it soggy)
8. Now place a good quantity of the veggies in the pappad.
9. Seal the edges with corn or maida flour.
10. Deep fry and serve with hot sauce


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