Rice Chappatis

I came across this recipe by chance, while I was flipping channels. It is an easy preparation and has an exotic name. So exotic that I cannot remember now. I think this recipe is quite famous in Palaghat, but I'm not sure. It spelt something like 'Ardhi Patri'. It is almost similar to Karnataka's Akki Roti.


Rice flour
Hot water


1. Take a wok and boil water in it.
2. Pour the rice flour and stir until the flour absorbs the water and becomes a paste.
3. Remove from fire and transfer to a bowl.
4. Add salt to the paste and knead well.
5. Roll out like chapatis.
6. Heat a flat botommed pan, and heat the rice flour roti on it. Add a little oil.
7. Flip each side and ensure that it is cooked.
8. Serve with a spicy dish.


Mrudula said…
It reminds me of appam. I'll try it.
aquamarine said…
Hey dats great. But on second thots, what about the time factor??

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