Arisi Upma

Arisi in Tamil means rice. In the market place, the English version is known as Rice rava. I'm posting a recipe after a very long time. This is inspired by my friend for whom my mom had packed Arisi Upma and Raita for lunch; and it was certainly a pleasure.

Arisi rava (Rice Rava): 2 cups
Water: 3 cups
Mustard seeds
Curry leaves
Green chillie (1)
Red chillie (1)
Urad dal (1/2tsp)
Gingely oil (2 tbs)

Dry grind 
Grated coconut
Black pepper corns
Green chillie
Chopped coriander
Curry leaves

1. In a wok, heat gingley oil and splutter, mustard, ginger, green and red chillies, urad dal and hing.
2. Pour three cups of water into the wok.
3. Dissolve the dry paste in the water. 
4. Add salt and allow it to boil.
5. When the water starts to boil really well, add the rice rava.
6. Cover with lid.
7. When the rava has absorbed the water and has cooked well, remove from fire. If you wish, you may add a tablespoon of ghee and garnish with coriander leaves.


Hi AquaM, yes, the Arisi upma was delicious!!! A big round of applause of you for bringing such yummy lunch and another round for your mom for cooking so well!!

Btw, since you are interested in quizzing, the English word "Rice" comes from the Tamil word "Arisi."
aquamarine said…
Wow! Interesting.
U shd try it out the recipe sometime....

Michael Higgins said…
Hi Aquamarine
I found this blog while googling for a picture of Arisi Upma. Your recipe is a little different than my wife's mother's recipe, but that isn't much of a surprise.

The are a lot of nice recipes here.
Wow.. upma looks delicious.. following you

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