This Mediterenean snack is also known as ta'amia. I have modified it to suit the Indian palate. However the original dish is not spicy. Falafels should be eaten as soon as they are removed from the frying pan. Usually, fresh salads and falafels are used as a stuffing in pita bread and served. Absolutely delicious and fills your stomach!

Chick pea (1 1/2 cups)
Onion (1)
Garlic flakes
Crushed Ginger
Chillies (1)
Ground cumin
Chilli powder
Chopped coriander
Oil for frying

1. Soak the chick peas over night. Next day morning pressure cook them to 3 whistles.
2. In a blender, add the cooked chick pea, ginger, garlic, chillies and the onions. Grind this mixture coarsely.
3. Transfer to a bowl. To this, add thick yogurt, chilli powder, salt, freshly ground cumin, and chopped coriander.
4. While adding yogurt, ensure that the batter does not run. Incase the batter is runny, you can add bread pieces and knead the mixture.
5. Make small balls of this mixture and deep fry until the falafels turn a golden brown.

Serve with spicy chutney or chilli sauce.


Hey AquaM, sound simply delicious!!!! yummy! Can't wait to try it out AFTER mom is in town and I'm not dog tired at the end of the day!
aquamarine said…

Yes ,that's a guarantee. It is DELICIOUS!

Rita said…
Hmmm...sounds yummy :D
hmmm...i really can`t wait to move in to my own place, where i can start trying out your recipes!
aquamarine said…
I know what u mean!! I would luv to have my own place again.....enojyed that kinda freedom for a good number of years!
Mrudula said…
Why don't you make it for me?
aquamarine said…
sure mru...just for u!!



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