Semiya Payasam

My friend had brough this exotic semia payasam to work. It was simply mindblowing. The secret to the success was in the semia. The semia is from Pakistan and is available in Hyderabad only during a particular season. So for the rest of us, lesser mortals, we will have to make do with the Indian variety!


Pre-roasted semiya/semolina


Boil milk.
A desired proportion of milk to semolina would be 250 to 300 ml of milk for 50 gm of semolina.
When the milk boils, reduce the flame.
Add semolina, constantly stirring the milk to avoid lumps.

Stir the milk until the semolina is soft and cooked.
Add sugar or jaggery to taste.
If you add jaggery remember to remove the dish from stove and then add jaggery. Otherwise milk will curdle.

Add cashews, raisins and powdered cardamom for garnish.


Mrudula said…
It is easy to make and we love it at home.
aquamarine said…
:)I can understand why!!!! It was truly exotic

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