Spicy Mushrooms

If you like mushrooms, add this recipe to your to-do list of things. Tastes excellent with all kinds of bread.

For the dish, you need

Tomato puree
Paneer cubes
Green chillies
Ginger juliennes
Chopped garlic
Coriander finely chopped
Tomato, Cucumber and Onion rings for garnish


Chilli flakes
Chilli powder
Ginger-garlic paste
Garam masala

Wash the mushrooms well and set aside.
In a wok, heat oil and when the oil is hot, add the chopped ginger-garlic, green chillies and fry well.
Add the onions and fry until they turn a golden brown.
Now add the ginger-garlic paste and mix well.
Add the masalas.
Add the puree.
The masalas should be fried really well, until the masalas and oil separate.
Add the tomatoes and mix.
You can add a little water to dilute the mixture.
Now add the mushrooms.
Add salt.
Allow the vegetables to cook for a few minutes.
Remove from fire.
Add a dash of cream before serving. Sprinkle finely chopped coriander.

Decorate with the vegetable rings.


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