Stuffed Brinjals

Stuffed brinjals are one of favourites on the menu. I tried this recipe given by my friend who belongs to the "I hate cooking" club. So you can look forward to a short, easy and tasty variation of the dish. For this recipe, you need need the short and stout variety of purple brinjals.

Purple brinjals
Coriander leaves
Red chillies
Ginger julienne


1. Slit the brinjals into four halves leaving the stem intact.
2. Don't slit the brinjals upto the base. Leave a good amount of space from the base upwards. This will help stuff the masalas well and hold them together.
3. Grind all the masalas including the onions.
4. Stuff the brinjals with the masalas.
5. Close the slit brinjals stuffed with masalas.
6. In a pressure pan, add 2 tbsps of oil. Arrange the brinjals well.
7. Cover with lid.
8. After the first whistle, open the pan and turn the brinjals gently and cook the other side.
9. When the brinjals become soft, remove from fire and serve.


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