Stuffed Rolls

Here's what you can do with left over rotis or bread or tortillas.


Boiled potatoes 1 cup
Chopped onions
Grated parmesan or cheddar cheese 
Crushed pepper corns
Juice of lime
Finely chopped coriander
Cooking oil

1. Fry the onions and set aside.
2. Nicely mash the potatoes.
3. Mash together, the potatoes, fried onions and cheese in a bowl. 
4. Add a pinch of salt and crushed pepper corns.
5. Spread this generously across the rotis or your tortillas and roll them.

Either warm it in a microwave or better still, heat the tortillas in a non-stick pan and serve.

1. In a bowl, mix diced tomatoes, cucumbers and onions.

2. Add salt, pepper and lime juice.
3. Mix well
4. If you have mint, coriander or chillie chutney at home, spread it on the tortilla.
5. Sprinkle the veggies.
6. Grate a generous quantity of cheese on top.

Roll it up and serve.


I tried your semia upma! And you know the result! hehe
aquamarine said…
Dats always the best way to learn.
Great going gurl!


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