Iced Espresso

Here's what you will need
Cocoa powder
Cinnamon powder
Coffee powder
Vanilla essence
Grated chocalate/wafers/choco chips
A scoop of ice-cream

1. Beat all the ingredients in a mixie and pour into your serving glass.
2. Add a scoop of ice cream.
3. Garnish with choco chips/ grated chocolate/wafer


gardenia said…
That looks delicious!
aquamarine said…
hey gardenia

tx, make sure u try it out sumtime:))
Heyy AquaM, my favourite drink is calling out to me.....:)
yummy! this i can try tomorrow!
aquamarine said…
wow, finally a recipe that you can try right away...hey still figuring out, get back to me on your iced-espresso!
hey aquaM,

i loved it! i used less sugar but topped up with lots of cream and choco chips, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. thanks for this recipe!
aquamarine said…
glad u loved it!!!

Rita said…
Yummmyyyyyyyy and easy to make.
But, fattening :(
aquamarine said…
oh cmon! since when was dat an issue...and once in a while is alright rita!

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