Narkoler Naru (Coconut Ladoo)

A generous contribution from AFJ's mom. The recipe serves 6 people and takes approximately 40 minutes to roll out.

Grated coconut: 1 full coconut
Jaggery: 250gms
Elaichi : 4 (grinded along with skin)

1. Mix the jaggery with the coconut.
2. Heat a wok and transfer the jaggery-coconut mix into the wok.
3. Stir until the jaggery melts and the coconut oozes oil.
4. As soon as the mixture turns sticky, add the elaichi powder. (Dry ginger powder is sometimes added.)
5. While the mixture is still hot, roll out small ladoos (balls) .


Yup! That's the way Bengalis make Narkol naru!
aquamarine said…
thx AFJ, and yes, pls thank ur mom too
hey aquaM, any new receipes? i`m going to print out simple recipes featured in your blog, as i`m going to start cooking in a mth or so, and need a recipe book! :)
aquamarine said…
hey still_figuring_out

I'll post those desserts u had asked me for,,yeah this blog is suffering..will post sumthin soon...sumthing easy for u to make!
Soumyadip said…
The recipe you requested for



(Serves one)

Two Eggs
Chopped onions
Chopped green chillies (some unchopped ones too)
Red chilli powder
Vegetable oil

Beat the eggs (include the chopped onions, chopped-chillies, red chilli powder and salt to taste). Pour a little vegetable oil into the pan, let it heat up a little. Pour the beaten eggs. Wait for sometime, when the omlette is only a little undercooked and turn-off the gas (provided you put it on the first time).

Boil the rice.

Put a dollop of butter on steaming hot rice, pour the undercooked omlette on it, sprinkle a little salt and mix it with your fingers. Your dish is ready! If you wish to, take an occasional bite from a green chilli.


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