White chocolate
Dark chocolate
Roasted Almond

1. Double boil the two chocolates separately.
2. Take small moulds, place roasted almond in the centre and fill a couple with the melted white chocolate and dark chocolate.
3. Deep freeze both. 

Unmould them and wrap it up for perfect gifts.


Cheshire Cat said…
Excuse my ignorance, but what are these moulds and where do you get them?

Also, is there any special technique for melting chocolate?
AquaM, you need to tell what kind of chocolate you need to melt. Are you talking about cooking chocolate? If yes, please mention it. Also, would it be easily available?
aquamarine said…
HI Cheshire Cat,
You can get these moulds in any departmental/grocery store that stocks baking products.
You should not melt chocolate in a pan directly over the fire. Boil hot water and place a pan over this hot water. Put the chocolate pieces and slowly stir. That way you can ensure that the chocolate won't get burnt.

I have experimented with ordinary chocolate bars that are available in the market. Yes, it is cooking/edible chocolate I'm refering too. The homemade variety ones.
lol...even the recipe sounds yummy! thanks for this one, aquaM.
aquamarine said…
Hi Still Figuring Out,
Hope you a great chocalteee X'mas!
Gud to have you back.
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