Hot Cheese Soup

Yup, tastes good and simple to prepare.

Potatoes (cubed)
Onions (chopped)
Tomatoes (Cubed)
CHeese (2 rectangular cubes)
Spring onions (chopped)
Pepper (1 tbsp)
Chilli powder (1/2 tbsp)
Salt to taste
Sugar (1/2 tsp)
Butter (1tsp)

1. Melt butter in a non-stick pan.
2. Add onions, potato and tomatoes.
3. Stir for a minute.
4. Add four cups of water and allow the veggies to cook.
5. Add the spices and simmer.
6. Throw in the block of cheese before you serve.
7. Garnish with spring onions before you serve.


Sounds great! I will try this out! The soup for health and the cheese for taste - what a combo!
Rita said…
Whoa! Damn good man...I will try this too :D
aquamarine said…
yes tastes great and is certainly not time consuming...;)
hmm..this sounds yummy!
Rohit Talwar said…
i love soups! will have to convince ma to try this.. long back i tried to do something in the kitchen, ma screamed and told me that i had made a mess... :(
aquamarine said…
ahhh rohit, dat shd encourage u to try more. Mayb tell ma to look up some of my recipes.
aquamarine said…
hey still figuring out...dint hear from u for a while...wb n thx

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