Kola Vadai

A south Indian savoury, the Kola Vadai is delicious fried snack consumed with gusto during the festive and non-festive days. In Karnataka, it is known as the famous Kobala Vade, and it is made fatter and spicier. 

Rice flour
Sesame seeds
Dry grated coconut (Copra)
Cooking oil
Chilli powder

1. Take equal proportions of maida and rice flour.
2. Add the sesame seeds and dry grated coconut.
3. Heat 2-3tbsps of cooking oil and pour over the mixture.
4. Add salt and chilli powder.
5. Mix well and knead into a dough.
6. Roll it out into small, but thick strings and join the ends to form small circles.
7. Deep fry until they turn a golden brown.


Yummy! The ones from Bangalore were amazing!
aquamarine said…
Hmmm,glad u liked them. And hey, this recipe won't take up a lot of ur time...;)

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