Peas and Paneer in spicy gravy

My friend got this yummy easy to make peas masala gravy for lunch. Like every other mom, her mom is also a fantastic cook.

Green peas
Paneer (cubed)
Cumin seeds
Ginger-garlic paste
Onion paste
Garam masala
Chilli powder

1. Wash the shelled green peas and keep aside.
2. In a pressure cooker , heat a tablespoon of oil and splutter cumin seeds and the rest of the spices one by one.
3. Stir each time you add a spice.
4. Finally add a a teaspoon of milk and stir.
5. Add the peas to the gravy.
6. Dilute with a little water if required.
7. Close and allow it to cook.
8. Remove after two whistles.
9. Keep the paneer in warm water to soften it if it is not fresh.
10. Drain water and fry the paneer lightly.
11. Add it to the peas gravy and serve hot with rotis.


Me don't know what is snow peas! Are snow peas white? I have never seen white peas though.
Cheshire Cat said…
Looks delicious, but I don't see any herbs... Though I can imagine certain kinds of greens going well with it.
Rita said…
Heyyyyy, awesome templete, man! :D
aquamarine said…
Hi Cheshire Cat
Thanks for bringing it to my notice. I changed my mind half way through the recipe:))) Removed the herbs n just settled for a spicy gravy.

Thanks Rita

AFJ, Mishtake became wrong. It is shelled green peas.

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