Raw Banana Podimas

This is known as Vazhaikai (raw banana) Podimas in Tamizh. You can mix it with rice or use it as a side dish. The podimas can be stored for a good couple of days.

Raw Bananas
Bengal gram 2 tbsp
Black gram 1 tbsp
Dry red chillies
Dry coconut grate (Copra)
Salt as required
Jaggery ½ tbsp
Tamarind one small portion

1. Smear cooking oil on the bananas and steam them until bananas soften.
2. Remove and peel skin.
3. Grate the bananas and set aside.
4. Splutter mustard seeds and pour over it.
5. Fry the rest of the ingredients and grind.
6. Mix the dry paste along with the bananas and fry lightly in a wok.


If raw bananas is podima how come scrambled eggs is called "Egg podimas" in Tamizh?
aquamarine said…
it is Vazhakai Podimas AFJ, for the sake of coveiniance, I have called it Podimas.

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