Perogies are fattening and delicious, but once in a while, no harm done. I used to treat my friends back in Canada with my favourite snack. It is easy to make, and is not spicy, although if you prepare it, you can add the extra punch to it.


For the stuffing
Boiled potatoes
Grated cheese
Chilli powder

1. In a bowl,sieve maida and knead well using oil and water as required.
2. Make a stuffing of mash potatoes, cheese, and spices.
3. Season with salt and pepper.
4. Roll out the maida into small balls.
5. Pat them flat to make a small circle.
6. Place the stuffing in the middle and seal the edges by pressing it with a fork.
7. Deep freeze.

When you want to cook the perogies, add a little oil in a pan and fry both sides of the perogies until they turn a golden brown.

If you want to add a little spice to it, in the same wok, add turmeric and chili powder and mix well.

The perogies are ready to be served.


I think I left a comment yesterday itself. Why doen't it show? I asked, "Should turmeric be used in the stuffing?"
My Ramblings... said…
So when are you making it, for us?
you always manage to find awesome pictures for the recipes.
aquamarine said…
nope AFJ, no tumeric in the stuffing. The stuffing is quite bland considering the normal amount of spice that we consume. Thats why, I have suggested frying the perogies in a little spice before serving, it helps to balance it.

Ramblings, will make it some time for u:)

Still FIguring OUt, THANKS,,how are the recipes coming along?
Known Stranger said…
wow.. i love this page. i love the food.. and cooking yummy,,,,
aklanta said…
One of my friends from Netherlands has sent me recipes of Dutch dishes.

If you were interested, I would like to mail them to you. Howzzat?
aquamarine said…
Thnks known stranger
and hey on the walk, will put up my email address sumtime. Thx pal.
Vanathi said…
Sounds tasty...
aquamarine said…
hi vanathi
they sure are! u must try them out.
Cheshire Cat said…
An alternative stuffing that's delicious is sauerkraut. I urge you to try it sometime...
aquamarine said…
hey cat,
what is sauerkraut?
Cheshire Cat said…
Cabbage fermented in its own juice, I think. A German staple. Its sourness contrasts delightfully with the bland richness of the dumplings (and a side of sour cream is in order).

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