Kadali-Copra payasa

You need

Bengal gram (1 cup)
Copra(1 cup)
Cashews and dry grapes
Elaichi powder


Heat ghee in a wok and fry the cashews and drygrapes. Set aside.
In the same wok, heat a little ghee and fry the bengal gram.
To this add copra and stir.
In another vessel, heat water and add the jaggery.
Make sure tha the jaggery has completely dissolved in hot water.
Strain it.

Add the strained jagery water to the gram-copra mixture. Turn once.
Now pour this into a grinder and grind it into a smooth paste.

Pour into a wok and heat it.
Now add milk to the jaggery in order to dilute its sweetness.
Add elaichi powder and the fried cashews and drygrapes.
Serve hot.


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