Lapsi Rava Kesari

The Lapsi Rava is a healthy variety of rava that can used as a substitute for rice. This is especially recommended for those suffering from diabetes. I came across this recipe in the Hindu Metroplus today under the foodblog column and promptly made it at home.
Lapsi rava 1 cup
Jaggery 1 1/4 cup
1tbsp ghee
Cashews and raisins
Elachi powder

1. Pressure cook the rava.
2. Dissolve the jaggery in water and filter it to remove any dust particles.
3. Let the jaggery boil over slow fire until it loses its raw flavour.
4. Add the rava to the jaggery and also add a dash of ghee for taste.
5. Once the jaggery-rave mix cooks well take it off the fire.
6. In a small vessel, add ghee and when it is hot, add the raisins and fry.
7. Pour this over the rava kesari.
8. Add a dash of elachi-cardamom powder and stir once.
Remember that the Black jaggery is sweeter than the Normal variety. So take care to use the appropriate quantity.


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