Masala Pappad

Have you ever tasted the fabulous Masala Pappad on the Bangalore highway? Let me tell you, you are missing something in life. It is crunchy, spicy, tangy, and aromatic. The flavours of the onions and the spice come through beautifully!

Do you also know that you can roast the pappad on a non-stick pan? It comes out evenly roasted and crisp.

For the masala pappad, you need the following

Pappad (raw)
Finely chopped onions, tomatoes, and cucumber
Roasted peanuts
Finely chopped coriander
Chilli powder

  1. In a bowl, mix the vegetables and the seasoning well
  2. Roast the pappad on the non-stick ware
  3. Top the pappad with the mixture and serve


R said…
luv masala papad! interesting blog name, i remember there was a novel by this name??!
AquaM said…
Yup R. Borrowed it from the Book.
R said…
I have a sweet surprise waiting for u on my blog:

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