Long time, no cooking!

I cant believe that my last post was last year!

In between this long gap, I travelled a bit and have tasted awesome dishes that my sister-in-law baked like the foccacia bread served with some brilliant wine from Newzealand I think (the name that still does not stay in my head, cos you have roll your tongue or sharpen your memory).

Then she made Starbucks look alike cookies, and mind blowing Risotto. She has a great hand for cooking and organizing lovely Cheese and Wine parties. I had a brilliant assortment of cheese to choose from and accompanied with good wine, is a combination you will savor for a long time.

The Singing Chef is obviously having the time of her baking away as many the goodies as she possibly can. It was great catching up with her after a decade and to know that everything is good as it has always been.

She made a simple, tasty, mouthwatering pulav, served with boondi raita and potato chips that left me asking for more. She was not yet done for the day. She quickly whipped up all the ingredients and baked a fabulous cake in a jiffy that left me spellbound!


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