Corn and Beans Curry

I love corn in any form. It is such a great ingredient and tastes great any which way you make it. You can make tamales, salads, currys, or just have it steamed. Once I finished with the bread upma, I helped out mom with the curry for the rotis that she was making. 
Finely chopped beans
Green chilli
Mustard seeds
Chill powder

1. In a wok, add oil and splutter mustard seeds, hing, and green chillies.
2. Add the corn and bean and mix well.
3. Sprinkle water on the veggies and cover with a lid to allow them to cook.
4. Add the spices and mix once again.
Serve hot with rotis.

If the curry is too dry for your taste, you can add tomatoes or saute the veggies in tomato puree.


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