Puli Inji (Tamarind-Ginger Pickle)

The Puli (Tamarind) Inji (Ginger) pickle carries a very strong flavour because of the obvious combination. It requires a lot of oil as a preservative like any other pickle and tastes better as days go by. Ginger may or may not agree with all digestive systems, but the ingredient is without doubt, an excellent option for keeping the system well oiled. So use it carefully.

Cubed tender ginger 2 cups
Cut green chillies 7-8 pcs
Chilli powder 1 tsp
Tamarind (lemon sized ball)
Jaggery 1 tsp
Turmeric 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Gingely oil 1 tbsp

1. Wash, peel, and cube the tender ginger pieces.
2. In a vessel, boil the tamarind extract along with jaggery, turmeric, green chillies,and salt.
3. Allow this mixture to cool and extract the pulp.
4. In a wok, heat gingely oil and splutter mustard seeds along with green chillies.
5. Pour the tamarind extract and the ginger pieces and let it cook well.
6. As the raw smell of the tamarind gets cooked, it leaves the sides of the wok and thickens.

Let the pickle marinate for day or two before you consume, lest you find it very spicy. I love it spicy though and attack the pickle with gusto right from the time it is off the stove.


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