Therati Paal (Condensed Milk)

Today was my lucky day. I have not been keeping well and stayed tucked in for the most part of the morning until my aunt and her daughter dropped in. My aunt is an excellent cook and pretty much makes all the dessert or savoury preparations at home. I was pestering her for some recipes and along with it, got to learn how to make the yummiest condensed milk at home.

Boiled milk

1. In a long bottomed vessel, heat a little water and then pour the milk into the vessel for boiling. This ensures that the milk does not get burnt.
2. Keep boiling the milk till the water evaporates.
3. Turn in the cream into the milk until the quantity reduces and the milk thickens.
4. You will notice that it will leave the sides of the pan. At this time, ensure that you turn the condensed milk and add sugar according to taste.
5. Remove the condensed milk from the stove and garnish with pistachios.


Anonymous said…
Nice ..... Sonna maadiriyae post pannitayae!!
AquaM said…
:) yep yep akku

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