Sabudhana Upma (Sago)

Easy to make and terribly delicious, the sabudhana upma is used in Maharashtra on auspicious days to break a fast. I remember having the sabudhana vada in Shirdi and for a long time, I have wanted to learn this recipe. Finally, jayanth on his visit from Pittsburgh handed me the delicious recipe.

Roasted peanuts
Boiled and cubed potatoes
Cumin (jeera)
Green chillies
Chilli powder
Juice of lime
Cooking oil

1. Soak the sabudhana for a few hours in a bowl with enough water.
2. Coarsley grind the roasted peanuts.
3. In a wok, heat oil and splutter cumin seeds, hing, green chillies, and potatoes.
4. Add the sabudhana and stir once.
5. Add the spices and peanuts. Mix well.
6. Add the juice of lime and serve hot.


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