Barley Pilaf

I had just bought barley last evening from the grocery store as an alternative to my routine cooking. After a long day from work, I decided to treat my palate to a spicy barley pilaf. Barley has a chewy consistency, almost like pasta. It is rich in dietary fibre and an excellent choice for patients suffering from type-2 diabetes.

Barley 1 cup
Chopped ginger 1 tsp
Chopped onions 1/2 cup
Chopped carrots 1/2 cup
Boiled chickpeas 1/2 cup
Chopped red bell pepper 1/2 cup
Cooking oil 1 tbsp
Cumin 2 tsps
Chopped green chillies 
Turmeric 1 tsp
Chilli powder 2 tsps
Garam masala 2 tsps
Butter 1 tsp
Juice of lime

1. Cook barley in boiling water until the grains soften and gives out a chewy texture. Drain the water in a vessel and set aside the barley.
2. In a wok, heat oil and splutter cumin, chillies and ginger.
3. Add the onions and saute it till it turns a translucent pink.
4. Add the rest of the vegetables and pour some barley water to allow the veggies to cook.
5. Add the spices and saute until the spices infuse into the veggies.
6. Add butter and toss once.
7. Add the barley and mix well.
8. Garnish generously with juice of lime and serve hot.


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