Rava Idli

Food lovers, if you have not yet had a date with a plate of rava idlis and vattha kozhambu (tamarind based spicy dish), then you are missing helluva lot. Rava Idli is one of my favourite tiffin items and I love it when mom makes it because it is steamed with that extra love. It is simply tasty and very deceptive. This time around, I decided to try my hand at this age old recipe.
Rava does not sit on your stomach lightly; but the idlis are so soft and light, you will simply forget everything around you and devour a couple of pieces more. So don't tell me I dint't warn you.

Thin rava 1 cup
Thick plain yogurt 2 cups
Cooking oil/Ghee 2 tbsps
Mustard seeds
Curry leaves
Urad dal
Channa dal
Fresh finely cut ginger
Freshly chopped coriander
Finely chopped green chillies
Salt to taste
Cashews (optional)

1. In a wok, heat a little oil and roast the rava until it loses its raw smell. Transfer to a bowl.
2. In a wok, heat a little oil and splutter mustard seeds, curry leaves, urad and channa dal, green chillies, asafoetida, ginger, coriander and cashews. Add the garnish to the rava.
3. Now add the yogurt to this rava mix and blend it well. The consistency should be similar to an idli batter.
4. Add salt to taste.
5. Allow the rava mix to sit for 30 minutes.
Note: Since the rava has a tendency to absorb and expand, the mixture can become thick. You can thin the batter by adding the required amount of water.
6. Oil the idli holders and steam the rava idlis for 15 minutes.

Serve hot with a spicy tomato chutney or a spicier sambhar.


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