Vada Paav: A Different Take

The vada paav shop near my office space is a huge hit with the crowd. I was having it after many years. I have tasted the original version from the streets of Mumbai.
I had promised mom I would make a batch for dinner, which followed strict instructions not to make it spicy like its original. Also, the original vada is a deep fried potato patty, while I chose to use the potato cutlet which is a shallow fry.

Paav (Indian burger bread) one batch
Potato cutlets, as required
Spicy tomato dip
Coriander pesto
Butter for toasting

1. Toast the paav on both sides with a little butter.
2. Slit the paav with a knife (Take care not to split it completely).
3. Apply the spicy tomato dip on side.
4. Place the potato cutlet over the dip.
5. Layer it with a coriander pesto.

Serve warm.


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