Pudina Podi (Dry Mint Powder)

Mint has fantastic healing properties. So it is good to include it as part of your diet. I love it for its aroma and flavour and usually make a dip using it. This time, mom taught me to make the mint (pudina) podi (powder), which is a dry version that can be mixed with rice and ghee or accompany curd rice as a side. It was fabulous.

Pudina leaves, a bunch
Urad dal 2 tbsps
Tamarind a pinch
Dry red chillies 2-3
Rock salt 1-2 tsps
Cooking oil 1 tsp

1. Clean the mint leaves and wash it under running water.
2. Dry it completely.
3. In a wok, dry roast it until the moisture is completely out. Transfer to a blender.
4. In a wok, heat cooking oil and roast the rest of the ingredients until the urad turns golden. Let it cool.
5. Dry grind with the salt.

Sit back and enjoy the mint powder over hot rice and home made ghee.


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