Cooking with the flavourful Anardhana

I was heady having dunked in large quantities of Anardhana or pomegranate seeds chutney while on my Jammu and Kashmir trip in April this year. The Kashmiri kehwa if brewed and served in an authentic shop is a whole new experience in that cold weather.

Simple, sweet and sour, tangy flavourful, the dried pomegranate seeds are rich in vitamin C and heightens the flavour of the dish. After I came back, I was on a mission to find the seeds but none of the Departmental stores had even heard about it. I finally found it today in Nuts N Spices on a chance hop into the shop. I also bought the Thai rice noodles and rice papers to make spring rolls.

The next weekend plan is to make the Thai cuisine with the Indian spices and see where that gets us.

I had not been cooking much with my travel and yet another job hopping. However, let me assure you my love for food has not diminished a wee bit. Now I am on a mission to revive my dying blogs - my art space is running fine, so is my general blog, cuisine is up next followed by my travel blog. Over ambitious right?


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