Sweet Watermelon bites with Salty Amul Cheese

I have come across the simple recipe of water melon bites with feta and mint leaves a dozen times, so when I came home ravenous, I dug into the fridge and scooped out a cup of neatly cubed water melon sitting chilled, waiting to be devoured. When I went into the kitchen to pick up a fork, I chanced upon half a cube of Amul cheese sitting on the counter.

When you put two and two together (borrowed from Blake Shelton's latest), you get a fabulous bite of juicy sweet reddish pink watermelon sprinkled with a grated salty stiff cheese. The flavour combination is absolutely indulgent. The grated cheese leaves a subtle taste on your tongue. What a pleasure!

I was not sure of the flavour, so did not take any pictures, but will post two versions soon: one with Feta, another with plain grated Amul cheese.


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