Bajra payasam

For lazy folks who hate spending time in the kitchen, here's a quick fix dessert.

Bajra powder
Pre-boiled milk (500ml)
Sugar (desired amount)

1. Dilute the bajra in water and pressure cook it for one whistle.
2. Now add the pre-boiled milk to the Bajra and allow it to boil.
3. Add sugar and stir well.
4. Fry the raisins is ghee and add them to the kheer.


all the recipes featured so far makes my mouth water. i can`t wait to move in to my own house (by end of this year!!!) and try my hands at the recipe! i have never cooked before, but your recipes look easy and i think they will be a great cooking intro for me :)
aquamarine said…
Hi Still_figuring _out!!!
C, i have figured it all out for u...all u got to do is just start coooking!!

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